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  • A chain of elaborated paintings inspired by the interior of the Golestan Palace is hidden in the Golestan Palace ring, Alessio Boschi
  • Open the Poem ring to devour the precious book with seven paintings, Alessio Boschi
  • The Celestian Dome ring
  • Tesserae Collection‘Secret Garden’ring, Sicis Jewels
  • Rock & Diamonds bangle, Roberto Coin
  • Princess Flower earrings, Roberto Coin
  • Love in Verona rings, Roberto Coin
  • Losange Collection necklace, Sicis Jewels
  • Hamsa hoop earrings, Sicis Jewels

Italian aspirations


Fine traditions, meticulous craftsmanship, uncompromising quality and an innate sense of style are the fundamental attributes of Italian designs that have appealed to seasoned connoisseurs at all times. In the face of adversity, some choose to be in a wait-and-see mode, while some are resilient to changes and stride steadily ahead. Hong Kong Jewellery shines a light on three prestigious Italian fine jewellery names, who talk about the Covid-hit industry, their strategies to turn businesses around and aspirations for a restart in 2021.


Alessio Boschi’s storytelling creations always prompt anticipation of amazement. And they never fail to surprise. The award-winning Roman designer started his own brand Alessio Boschi Jewels in 2010 after serving a number of renowned jewellery houses as creative director. Every piece of his original design sheds new light on our understanding and appreciation of jewellery in terms of forms, functions and technology. He unveils new collections to loyal customers and potential buyers at private events and major exhibitions around the globe. The Covid-induced global lockdowns and travel restrictions since early 2020 have smashed his (and the entire industry’s) business plans.


“I refuse to get depressed and shut down my mind. On the contrary, the pandemic has forced me to find new ways to be creative in my design and marketing strategies with the help of technology and digitalisation in order to be able to maintain a voice in our wonderful jewellery world,” said Boschi.


At the most disastrous and challenging times, according to him, people were forced to think out of the box. He said: “During those times some of the greatest geniuses or the brightest minds came out, and some of the most inventive and modern revolutionary ideas were born.”


Over the last few months, Boschi dedicated tremendous efforts to engaging clients online via social media platforms, gaining an active presence in the jewellery world at webinars and putting the fingers of the customers on his pulse by regular contact online.


Sharing and offering help to others, for Boschi, are particularly essential at hard time. “We need to help each other. This is a global crisis and everyone is on the same boat,” he said. To inject a positive attitude into the dispirited trade, he held two conferences at Voice in Vicenza, Italy and Inhorgenta in Munich, Germany, sharing his positive thoughts, creativity and enthusiasm with the show goers. In a bid to share his design inspiration and amazing story with a broader audience, he lets the Museum of Jewelry in Italy exhibit one of his creations for some years.


While social distancing refrains us from meeting people, it allows us to re-connect ourselves again. “We reviewed our stock and marketing material, modified few pieces, updated some prices, and designed new packaging. These are those things that we had left behind because of the lack of time,” said Boschi.


A recognised trendsetter, Boschi says talismans with positive messages will be sought-after amidst crises and uncertainties as people are searching for reassurance and protection. “People will want to get out of this dark moment and look for positivity. We want to go out and reconnect with Mother Earth,” he said.


He went on a spiritual journey during his stay in Tuscia for the last 11 months visiting Etruscan sites and medieval villages, decorate churches and abandon castles in contact with the colours of nature change between seasons. “Nature once again has given me a lesson about fragility and versatility of life. Everything is changing, nothing stays still. Nature has also offered a warm refuge for my fears and worries,” he added. The designer is currently working on a collection paying homage to Mother Nature, reproducing the fragility and beauty of flowers in a circle of seasons in a hope to help people escape from the challenging 2020.


Aspired to make every woman unique and distinct, Roberto Coin Spa has evoked to be one of the best-known Italian jewellery brands in the world since inception in 1996. What makes the brand memorable is the small ruby that comes with an immense story.


In many ancient societies, ruby was believed to possess magical power. The pharaohs in ancient Egypt, for instance, considered ruby a talisman of love, joy and everlasting health. In the East, in the tales of Burma, warriors wore rubies for protection. Besides, an old Hindu myth suggested that ruby was the fruit of the sacred Kalpa tree of hope and desire. All these captivating stories have inspired Roberto Coin, brand founder, to set a small but important piece of ruby in every piece of his creations as a passionate symbolic signature of the brand.


Out of a loving desire, Coin reacted fast to give help to those in need during the pandemic. As he said, Italians have always extremely bonded with families and friends which is part of their DNA.


According to him, although they were strongly suffered from the consequences of the lockdown which stopped everything completely, they capitalised on the accelerating pace of digitalisation of late. “We decided to invest in the international market and we kept daily contacts with all our clients worldwide thanks to the digital communication platforms. Today, I can say that we have reached some results that looked impossible at the beginning,” said he. “The e-commerce was working more than ever before, so were our Facebook and Instagram profiles. We have also worked in some exclusive digital events to present our collections,” he added.


Since the very beginning of Roberto Coin’s adventure in the jewellery world, he was sure that he wanted to be authentic and to express his vision of beauty in jewellery. “I wanted to enhance the uniqueness of women. You can’t enhance their uniqueness if you gave them the same piece of jewellery. That is why I tried to create a different jewellery for each different, unique woman,” he said when explaining his ever-changing designs.


According to Coin, ‘variety’ is going to be a must for 2021. “In this era of inclusivity and diversity, differences are precious. I think that in 2021 I will strongly reinforce my initial vision,” he said.


World-renowned micro-mosaic contemporary jewellery maker Sicis Jewels employs the artistic technique from the 7th century in Rome. The rod material made of minerals, diamond dusts and glass has a thickness of just a millimetre. Mosaic masters cut the rods in small pieces and set them one by one by hand to obtain the desired pattern. The micro-mosaic jewellery is set in gold with diamonds and gemstones. It is the cultural heritage, unique patterns and master craftsmanship that make Sicis Jewels’ jewellery sought-after.


All year round the Milan-based brand takes part in trunk shows in major cities and significant trade fairs around the world to present their new collections to existing and potential customers. Covid-19 has disrupted the brand’s schedules; nevertheless, it did not stop it from moving onwards while keeping customers engaged.


Giliola Cont, Sicis Jewels’ head of marketing and communication, said: “We have maintained ongoing relationships with our customers through our managers. 


When our customers want to see the jewellery directly, we have found the way to satisfy them by arranging private meetings in compliance with sanitary measures.”


In a hope to cultivate the knowledge of Sicis Jewels’ design and craftsmanship to customers, they have worked close with leading fashion and trade magazines online in different countries and regions. To explore more possibilities of selling online, the brand started collaborations with some lifestyle and trend websites.


“As we were aware that it is increasingly crucial to explore the digital world to make ourselves known all over the globe, we have gone digital some time already. In June 2019, we launched an e-commerce initiative. We also have a series of online sales partnerships with leading global marketplaces,” Cont said.


The closer bond we developed with our family and friends during lockdown comes as an emotional drive to jewellery purchase. According to Cont, it might explain the reason for the exponential online sales of the Universe collection, a contemporary and easy-to-wear jewellery line featuring loving and auspicious motifs including heart, clover, Hamsa, star, flower, etc. She remarked that even the high jewellery line has attracted interest of new and young customers in Asia who crave story-telling jewellery with exquisite craftsmanship and unique design. “Each piece of our jewellery has its own story. We love to make jewellery that dresses the personality of the wearer, exclusive and unparalleled,” she said.


Overwhelmingly impacted by the unprecedented crisis since early 2020, people have a strong desire for comfort, relaxation, energy and determination. According to Cont, charm jewellery encapsulates hope, fortune and courage would be all the rage in 2021. The Universe collection set in 18-karat gold with micro-mosaic and natural gemstones, for instance, shall be worn as a talisman or amulet that brings optimism and a spirt of light-heartedness to our lives.      


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