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  • Veronica Favoroso, GemCloud’s CEO.
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New tech brings the gemstone industry online

Hong Kong-based GemCloud has recently introduced an innovative inventory management software that transforms gemstone inventories into a shareable digital interactive library, creating a unique, secure online marketplace with transparency and traceability.


The inventory management system allows a quick and easy process of checking in new stock, barcoding, and easy tracking. Users have secure and easy access to customers, suppliers and stock movements while automatically receiving reminders about payments and deadlines.


To help boost sales, the software makes syncing to global marketplaces possible which multiplies selling network. It gives users an overview of the finances in real time. Quotations and invoices can be created in just a few clicks. Clear financial and inventory reports overviewing the entire business are visible from any device. For maximum security, the system uses secure login with dual factor authentication and hash database encryption.


“GemCloud is a very disruptive and unique project and the feedback from the market has been very encouraging. Technology can eliminate most of the inefficiencies of the industry, reducing operational costs and allowing stakeholders to reach clients globally. Also, we are creating a community of traders and helping them to tackle this difficult global moment, writing a new normality,” said Veronica Favoroso, GemCloud’s CEO.


She told Hong Kong Jewellery that the new system is built on modern technology and highly user-friendly contrary to current systems on the market that are complex to learn and built on old databases. “We also integrated the ability to sync in real time with our marketplace,” she said.


According to her, the gemstone-focused system will be adding a diamond module by the end of the third quarter this year. “We are also launching the mobile app for the system by the end of July. The Chinese version will be ready by the fourth quarter,” she added.


GemCloud is a tech company based in Hong Kong, with subsidiaries in Bangkok, London and New York, developing software tailored for the stakeholders of the gemstone industry.


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