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  • ring disassembled from Pride and Elegance
  • The asymmetrical chandelier earrings Pride and Elegance

Design outside the box

Gen Z and millennials long for design-oriented jewellery pieces speaking for their personalities and characters and see jewellery as a medium to have spiritual communication with the designer. Traditional design focusing on traditional Chinese auspicious meanings requires a revolution to breakthrough design-wise limitations to draw the youngers’ attention.  

Jane Li was a jewellery design apprentice only after being introduced by a friend. She gently gained interest in jewellery design and set up Dingjian Jewellery Design Institute with a few like-minded partners two years ago. Last year, the Hong Kong Fei Cui Design Biennial Contest came right on time for her to transform wild ideas on her head popped up throughout her tutorial sessions into a piece of jewellery. She took the championship of open group (finished product): creative arts and Youth’s Favorite Fei Cui Design award with her asymmetrical chandelier earrings Pride and Elegance.

The role of the designer's creativity plays a vital role as finding an ideal size, colour and price of this valuable gemstone is difficult. Instead of blindly pursuing emerald-green fei cui, Jane applied comparatively affordable icy white for the earrings to display a colour opulence together with amethyst, diamond, titanium and enamel and highlight the beauty of fei cui. Jane said, “In this way, fei cui can gain access to the fashion field and expand market share.”

As part of the young community, she knows the aesthetics of her peers well. She shared with Hong Kong Jewellery the reason why her piece attracts young people that the earrings use a modish asymmetrical design. Besides, the earrings are multifunctional. Two peacock heads can be replaced and disassembled into two pairs of earrings, three rings and a brooch. They match with clothes on creating a unified and personal style, offering the earrings a good price for money. The earrings bear the designer's story of life. One side of the earrings represents her proud and gorgeous peacock alike side, holding its head up high and spreading its fabulous feathers. For people who are unfamiliar to her, she is a bit arrogant and ruthless, but she has another side of her like the other side of the earrings featuring a peacock with its feather hided, to speak for her genuine, humorous and quiet side.

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