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  • Product viewer enables customers to send diamond information to their tablets.
  • QR code diamond marking

Extension of diamond inscription

Red Dot Design award-winning innovation T Mark is a collaboration project between Master Dynamic (MD) and Hong Kong jewellery giant Chow Tai Fook (CTF). The revolutionary technology is used to make a nano-inscription on the surface of a diamond. The marking is just 5nm in thickness, equivalent to 1/20,000 of the thickness of fingerprint and is only visible when viewed through a 150x microscope. Certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the mark does not affect the 4Cs of a diamond, neither does the beauty and value. The inscription records the details that enables customers to easily track a diamond’s history from raw material procurement to finished product and guarantees diamond authenticity. MD’s CEO Tom Kong commented: “The technology helps boost customer confidence in diamond authenticity by preventing swapping and counterfeiting.” MD’s technology can also etch customised logos, QR codes and Chinese characters on the table of a 0.004 carat or above diamond as small as 250 x 250um, smaller than the Forevermark’s diamond inscription. 

Established for almost a decade, MD now has a team of more than 100 in-house engineers, software developers and researchers with almost half of them hold a master degree working at Hong Kong Science Park and has teamed up with technology development partners worldwide ranging from top university Massachusetts Institute of Technology to German manufacturer of optical systems Zeiss. 

With a vision to provide comprehensive service to the jewellery industry, the company offers four diamond mark viewing devices, namely SL, inspection, product and mobile viewer for three major types of users: production and quality control company, retailer and customer. SL viewer, the diamond mark viewing device which design for production and quality control company is multi-functional, and hence can inspect diamond quality and its table surface roughness. Gemstone inspection service is expected to be available in the future. The product viewer, which CTF offers in its retail stores for viewing T Mark diamonds, is the only viewer with internet connection. The service enables salespersons to show diamond information and GIA grading reports available on the blockchain platform to customers. Among four diamond mark viewing devices, the one for customers is the most portable. It functions like a clip-on lens for smartphones and available in an affordable price of under HK$200. MD said training for retailers on how to teach customers its usage is compulsory. 

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