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Fei cui makeover

Fei cui jewellery was often regarded as an adornment for older demographics to pair with traditional high-necked and close-fitting dresses worn on special occasions like weddings. One can hardly picture a damsel wearing fei cui jewellery for a weekend ladies’ night. Linda Lam, chief project manager of Royan Wing Cheung (Royan), told Hong Kong Jewellery right at the beginning of an interview: “Fei cui is a valuable gift from nature and is recognised as a beautiful treasure throughout history. It is often considered dated due to the conventional designs in the market. We feel a need to give fei cui a more stylish and fashionable appearance.” 

Founded in 1972, Hong Kong- based fei cui jeweller Wing Cheung Jewellery & Jade Co started as a Type A Burmese fei cui wholesaler in Taiwan and Hong Kong and vertically integrated to take over raw materials procurement straight from Myanmar and jewellery production, following the blooming fei cui business in Southeast Asia. 

With the vision to unveil the rare beauty of fei cui, Wing Cheung launched a modern concept line Royan under the theme of ‘innovation and heritage’ to refresh people’s perception towards fei cui by its contemporary and refined aesthetic. Headed by Linda Lam, third generation of the family business, Royan aspires to refurbish fei cui with a hint of vogue and modernity after its parent company rooted in Causeway Bay for more than 15 years. The line’s first concept store opens at the heart of the leading jewellery trading hub in Central early this year.

According to Lam, Royan is more about self-expression and individualism when compared to Wing Cheung. It targets those who seek up-to-the-minute and avant-garde design, regardless their ages or gender. She said: “Royan differentiates itself from its peers with exclusive contemporary designs without compromising quality, hence making the brand more appealing to urban clientele who is fond of high quality and modern style. It’s this commitment to quality and style that gives Royan a unique position in the fei cui market.” 

The green line currently offers five collections: The Classics, The Prisme, Royan Grand, Royan Luxury and Buddhist Art as well as customisation service comes with professional advices from its designer and artisan team. Fei cui colour options are beyond traditional imperial green, customers can find purple, white, orange and other rare tinges of fei cui jewellery at Royan. Traditional design for fei cui jewellery, namely bead necklace has subtly altered the classic imperial green into icy white and transformed into an elegant piece which goes perfectly with any attire in dark shades. To go further for a fei cui renovation, other gemstones, namely, diamond, sapphire and coral are brought in to the jewellery piece, for instance its Violet Garden necklace not only consists of lavender, green and icy fei cui, but also yellow and green sapphires and diamonds. 

Lam believes that apart from edgy design and thoughtful services, offering good value for money helps build a long- term customer relationship. Sales of fei cui jewellery has been relied on word-of-mouth and are relatively inactive on e-platforms. Where speaking of online sales and marketing initiatives, Lam said: “Royan surely needs to catch up with this new way of communications and implement online marketing strategies. E-commerce is a bit challenging for the fei cui industry, as customers are much more cautious and rely a lot on their in-store experience when purchasing expensive items. Instead of selling our products, our social media platforms especially Facebook and Instagram will serve as channels to tell our stories and visualise our brand identity.”

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