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Hong Kong-based celebrated high-jewellery brand Headragon specialises in customised jewellery since inception in 1992. The superb design set with carved gemstones has become one of the most sought-after creations, of note in particular is the Ashktum collection featuring a unique blend of Chinese and Indian culture.

Ashktum, Persian, literally ‘I love you’, is all about the enchanting love story in the Mughal Empire of India. According to Pinky Seung, founder and designer of Headragon, the collection was launched in 2016 set in 18-karat gold with meticulously carved natural gemstones. “The collection was designed with inspiration from India’s rich history of jewellery culture which saw its climax during the period of the Mughal Empire. The Indian people consider gemstones with carved words or symbols as a lucky charm. The Ashktum collection is built around this theme with an addition of traditional Chinese elements which can move the hearts of my customers and arouse resonance,” said Seung.

At the interview the designer wore a pair of Ashktum earrings set with a carved triangular tourmaline with a row of delicate dangling diamonds underneath which is inspired by the beaded curtain in front of the headpieces of the emperors in Ancient China. It pays tribute to the glorious imperial history of China and India.“Natural gemstones have a certain hardness. Gemstones with heavy inclusions would easily break during the carving process. We only go for those with less inclusions and high clarity. That’s why our carved gemstones look more vivid and irradiant even if they’re non-faceted,” said Seung.

Located in a commercial building in Central, Headragon’s showroom provides customers with a tranquil and cosy environment. Seung said: “We used to operate a boutique at the mall downstairs. We decided to move back up here in response to our customers’ needs for a better shopping atmosphere and a more personalised service.”

Headragon is also famed for its plain and innovative design besides its customised offerings. The One for Love collection launched in 2016 for suitors features an 18-karat gold egg pendant with a hidden surprise. “There is a glittering diamond inside the egg. You can melt the egg and transform it into a ring set with the same diamond. It witnesses the evolution from passionate joy to eternal devotion,” she added.

To better engage younger generations, Pinky Seung launched an e-shop ‘Wishbone Inspired Jewelry’ this year offering a selection of affordable jewellery for a broader audience including the One for Love egg pendants in silver. Among the bestselling items is a pair of carved amethyst floral earrings with diamonds at around HK$3,500.

Seung told Hong Kong Jewellery that a new collection featuring a mix of different manufacturing techniques is underway. “Technological advancement makes very intricate designs possible. We’ll introduce a new line employing various techniques including casting and 3D printing by year end,” she said.

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