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ALROSA to flash 'True Colors' in Sep, HK

You may know that natural colour diamonds are very rare. But how? Every 10,000 carats of gem-quality diamonds mined, only one natural colour diamond is found. The most common hues are yellow and brown, with the rarest ones being pink, blue and red.

Since 2011, there has been a sharp increase in sales of fancy colour diamonds at auctions. The growth in demand is due to the fact that there are almost no new diamond deposits across the world. The most productive mine and the main source of pink and red diamonds in the world the Argyle mine in Australia, will be depleted by 2020. The gradual depletion of diamond deposits globally will further reduce the volumes of natural colour diamonds in the market and push up the prices.

The world’s largest natural colour diamond producer, ALROSA mines about 7,000 carats of colour diamonds a year – less than one percent of total annual production. It is one of the two diamond mining companies in the world that has in-house polishing operations. It sells the polished stones at its auctions to international buyers.

ALROSA is famed for having the highest quality of cut thanks to the rich Russian diamond manufacturing traditions. Each of the diamonds from the miner is cut by master cutters who put heart into their work, keep the traditions and know what an authentic ‘Russian Cut’ is. Besides, ALROSA is also known for being able to comply with all ethical and environment standards.

ALROSA will be holding the 2nd ‘True Colors’ auction via its online platform (diamonds.alrosa.ru) during 16-23 September 2019. The 200+ polished natural fancy colour diamonds will be presented during the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair, 16-20 September. The company will offer full story of origin with every stone for the first time.

As a world’s leading vertically-integrated mining company with in-house polishing division and fully traceable supply chain from mine to polished diamonds, ALROSA tells the journey of each and every diamond and provide unique digital content highlighting the beauty of its provenance and interesting facts of its creation. Consumers can obtain information about the date and place of mining, when and where it is polished and even the name of the cutter. Every diamond has its own customisable movie available on diamonds.alrosa.com.

The inaugural ‘True Colors’ auction held in 2018 in Hong Kong fetched a total of US$9 million in the first round, most of the lots were sold for well above their starting price.

The 2nd ‘True Colors’ auction will present some of the rarest and most valuable natural colour diamonds in the world, such as a cushion-shaped 25.15-carat intense yellow SI1 diamond, an emerald-cut 6.78-carat VVS2 vivid yellow diamond, a square-shaped emerald-cut 3.39-carat VVS1 vivid yellow diamond, a cushion-shaped 0.53-carat VS2 intense pink-purple diamond, etc. The whole collection together with other magnificent stones are available at diamonds.alrosa.ru. (Photo courtesy: ALROSA)



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