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  • Kensington High Jewellery earrings
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  • White Rose High Jewellery necklace


Since the first royal order received in 1735, Garrard has been serving the British monarch by creating many legendary jewels including the well-known sapphire cluster engagement ring worn by the Duchess of Cambridge and stunning tiaras worn at state occasions. The heritage of iconic designs, such as the cluster setting, the wings, the lover’s knot, the arrangement of round and lozenge diamonds, etc, continues to inspire the creation of Garrard jewellery in modern times.

Now owned by US-based Yucaipa Companies, Garrard has the privilege to work closely with the royalty in the globe. The London jewellery house was appointed the first official crown jeweller by Queen Victoria in 1843. Since then the list of royal commissions goes on and on, from re-cutting the Koh-i-Noor diamond commissioned by Prince Albert in 1852, the sapphire and diamond cluster ring given to Catherine Middleton by Prince William in 2011, to the Lotus Flower tiara the Dutchess of Cambridge wore at the state banquet in honour of China’s president Xi Jinping in 2015.

“The development of every creation is about achieving a balance between tradition and design,” said the brand. “From collection pieces inspired by historic royal commissions to unique high jewellery treasures, each one bears Garrard’s quintessentially British hallmark of heritage, detail and craft.”

The design team of Garrard is led by creative director Sara Prentice and head of design Claire Scott who have worked together for a long time. When talking about their designs, they said their inspiration for pieces almost comes from the brand’s rich history – a moment in time, or a particular royal piece that Garrard created – and the design process is driven by a desire to create jewellery that women can and will want to wear all the time.

“Our jewellery is about giving people more choices and making it more relevant to the way we live our lives now,” said Prentice.

Dubbed “the world’s longest serving jeweller”, Garrard designs timeless pieces for today by understanding modern women’s lives, where versatility is part of that equation. For example, the Princess Tiaras collection is lightweight and comfortable, including removable centerpieces that can be worn as pendants for less formal occasions, according to Garrard. “Everything we do is designed to be worn, to be seen and to feel comfortable in,” said Scott.

In a bid to better connect with younger generations, Garrard continues to build on its use of social media to showcase the brand. “These channels have proven to be an effective way of interacting with its global audience, particularly the younger generation, and include the development of the brand’s WeChat presence in China, which has become increasingly important as Garrard expands in the region,” said the brand.

“Clients in China are attracted to both Garrard’s long-standing relationship with the British royal family and how every piece of jewellery showcases design, craftsmanship and quality, to join the ever-evolving story of the House,” said Garrard.

“It’s been a pleasure creating jewels for customers in China since we opened our Shanghai flagship,” says Prentice. “Now with a presence in Beijing we’re in an even better position to explore how our heritage and craftsmanship can come to life for the sophisticated women who want to wear our designs.”

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