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Green G

The first Hong Kong brand admitted to the coveted designer halls of leading jewellery fairs in Europe and America, Green G is a distinguished name of designer jewellery in modern time, thanks to its everlasting designs, sublime quality and customer-focused strategy.

Established in 1997, Green G’s artistically curated designs with exquisite craftsmanship caught refined connoisseurs’ eyes in Europe and America when the brand became the first Hong Kong jewellery brand to gain a presence at the designer hall (Hall of Fantasies) in Baselworld and Inhorgenta Europe in 2003, the Inner Circle in JA New York in 2010 and Luxury JCK in 2016.

A talented self-taught designer, Sabina Lee sees and deciphers inspirations like no others. “We don’t render flowers, for instance, in a purely naturalistic way. We infuse artistic elements inspired by modern art paintings or sculptures into our design,” she said. Her floral-inspired designs have gained a tremendous success worldwide. From early Dancing Roses to the more recent Endless Love and Rose Bud collections, her graceful design with an artistic twist creates noticeable differences from others.

When people are focusing on the breathtaking beauty of the vibrant blooms of poppies, Sabina Lee sees the vulnerability of the short-lived flower. In her Poppy collection, she chose to portray the delicate flower with broken petals, a surprise element from the brand’s DNA. “Our jewellery always carries a surprise element alongside everlasting design which is essential for a brand to last,” she explained.

The flamboyant Monet collection comes as a statement of her intrinsic ability to render light and colours. White, blue and purple, an astonishing ring in the collection uses only a few colours to capture light and movement, bringing a new perspective to connect to the respected impressionist painter.

Green G places great importance on product quality despite the challenging schedule. They have stringent requirements on diamond quality regardless of the size. Each stone is hand-picked for unparalleled optical effects. “Our jewellery is remarkably durable because each prong is subject to repeated polishing and fine-tuning by hand before the stone is perfectly secured in place,” said Paul Tsang, managing director of the brand.

Over the last 20-some years since inception, Green G has launched numerous spectacular collections for affluent retailers, upscale department stores and private aficionados worldwide. A seasoned branding pundit, Tsang has kept alive the interest of clients in selected collections, repeated or new, that move well. “We have developed a huge collection of jewellery. Nevertheless, our retail clients can’t just take everything. We need to have a thorough understanding of their needs and their clientele in order to customise the best assortment of merchandise for them. We’ve forged a long-term relationship with our clients thanks to our perseverance to keep abreast of their pace of growth.

The down-to-earth business has worked hard on public relations and cultivated a cordial relationship with media. “We don’t do advertising. We make sure every dollar is put in our products, labour and materials. I trust that customers who know will understand,” concluded Tsang.

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