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DPA’s China campaign gains positive feedback

After the launch and implementation of ‘Real is Rare, Real is a Diamond’, a general diamond marketing campaign in the United States in 2016 and India in 2017, the Diamond Producers Association (DPA) has ventured into China, the world’s second largest diamond consumer market, by opening office in March 2018 in Shanghai and unveiling its first consumer marketing campaign in July the same year.

According to DPA, in light of their in-depth research on and interviews with Chinese millennials, the campaign aims to change the audience’s impression of diamonds by establishing the role of diamonds as a symbol of sincerity and emotion, inspiring lovers to express their love through daily subtle actions, celebrating and witnessing every precious moment on their life journey ahead. The campaign reaches Chinese millennials through cinematic commercials, reality TV shows, digital/ social network, offline events in Beijing and Shanghai, and various other channels.

Besides the consumer campaign initiatives, DPA also partnered with trade practitioners to increase the campaign’s influence in China. It has launched a mobile-learning platform which uses bite-size format material with interactive ways to communicate with frontline sales personnel the new narratives of diamond facts and knowledge including how natural diamond contributes to making the world a better place. Since the launch, the trade and retail partners of the campaign have been excited about this new way of knowledge sharing, and DPA will continue with this approach and offer more content in 2019.

Mabel Wong McCormick, DPA’s managing director, China told Hong Kong Jewellery that trade associations are key influencers and the support of DPA’s work, of which the objective is to reach out to as many retailers as possible. DPA’s membership network of the trade associations in the region which includes the National Gemstone Testing Center (NGTC), Shanghai Diamond Exchange (SDE) and Diamond Federation of Hong Kong, China Ltd (DFHK) is a solid platform to amplify its communications to all relevant retailers and diamond-related parties.

Encouraging feedback

From the first wave of communications, according to a consumer survey conducted by Kantar Milward Brown, the awareness of ‘Real is Rare, Real is a Diamond’ campaign in China reached 54 percent, of which 81 percent were able to articulate the correct meaning of this campaign line. Wong McCormick stated: “The campaign is well received as surveyed by Kantar Milward Brown in mid-August 2018 amongst target audience aged 20-35. The key message of living in authentic and precious love is well relevant and resonated with the audience.”

The campaign’s feedback has been very positive from both consumers and trade partners so far. Although it takes years to achieve DPA’s mission – to protect, educate and promote the integrity and reputation of natural diamonds and to ensure the future vitality of the natural diamond industry, Wong McCormick is confident that their consistent and persistent communication campaign will be established strongly amongst millennials as long as the insights resonate with them.

Future plan

DPA’s campaign in China has been kicked-off successfully in 2018. As Mabel Wong McCormick mentioned, they will look at ways to dimensionalise the campaign with more targeted activities for young millennials in Shanghai and Beijing in future. Among the upcoming initiatives, DPA will support and collaborate with NGTC on its 10th China Jewelry Design and Craftsmanship Contest in 2019 and create a new award to embrace and celebrate authentic and precious love in life.

At retail level, they will continue to share consumer and industry research insights, and support retailers to integrate DPA’s communication assets and materials for their in-store, online and social amplifications. In addition, the effort on providing new natural diamond narratives, storytelling materials and training sharing would be a key pillar of their work with trade and retailer partners. (Photo courtesy: DPA)

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