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  • a Natural fei cui bead necklace sold at HK$492,000
  • A pair of natural lavender fei cui bangles sold at HK$480,000
  • An oval-shaped natural fei cui and diamond jewellery set sold at HK$528,000
  • A natural fei cui‘Duck and Lotus Flower’ ornament sold at HK$372,000
  • A natural lavender fei cui bead necklace sold at HK$252,000

Hong Kong auctioneer debuts fei cui sale

Marchance Auctioneers is Hong Kong’s first auction house to specialise in ancient jade and has been providing the region of Greater China and Asia Pacific with an auction platform of Chinese ancient art for over five years. During 28-29 November 2018, its autumn auctions were successfully held in Hong Kong. It was the first time for the auctioneer to add in the sale of magnificent jewels and jadeite presenting 121 lots and fetching a total of HK$14 million.

Highlighted lots in the sale included a jewellery set of natural oval-shaped fei cui and diamond ring and earrings which was sold for HK$528,000. Another piece is a natural fei cui necklace with 108 beads and around 1,270 mm in length, achieved HK$492,000.

President of Marchance Teddy Lam told Hong Kong Jewellery that the debut of its magnificent jewels and jadeite sale was prepared for more than one year. In virtue of this auction, they hope to test the jewellery and fei cui market, know their clients’ preferences, and then adjust its development strategy.

“We have achieved a great success for our fifth anniversary’s spring auctions. Over five years, we have built a certain client base and market influence, which is why we wanted to expand to some new categories,” Lam said. “Jewellery is our key category to develop, as it is a crucial part of the luxury market in international auctions with a wide and large consumer group. We hope that by adding this new category, the lot variety of Marchance will be more complete.”

The fei cui lots that Marchance offered this time were mainly bangles and pendants in traditional design. International auctions are focusing on high-level jewellery, which leaves a huge gap in the mid- and low-end market. Therefore, the company targets at mid-end customers in the gap. Liu Zhongyi, jewellery specialist of Marchance stated: “We hope to attract our existing clients in the artwork category to the jewellery category. In the meantime, we also expect our new customers in the jewellery category to become the buyers in the artwork or antique category. In this way, different categories can interact positively.”

She revealed that under the influence of geography, history and culture, the Asian market highly accepts fei cui lots. Compared to the rush demand for fei cui a few years ago, the fei cui market is becoming rational in recent years with the demand cooled down and the price level not as crazily high as before. Teddy Lam thinks that the markets of fei cui and artwork are interconnected. When the lots are rare and precious, the price will still be jaw-dropping high. While the mid- and low-end market fluctuates because of the economy and other factors, the high-end market stays intact no matter what.

Marchance will focus on fei cui in its magnificent jewels and jadeite sale for short-term development, together with some strategic adjustments. Lam hopes that the company can meet existing clients’ need for jewellery and fei cui, while attracting more international customers, enlarging its scope of influence.

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