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  • Long Distance Love brooch ring
  • Spread Your Wings 'Feather' earrings
  • Mix & Match‘Chandelier’earrings can be worn as studs.
  • Dancing Butterfly‘Butterfly Duo’ring
  • The Magnificent ring
  • Bezel of the Butterfly Rose tourbillon watch can be worn as a pendant.

A bright design talent

VERY new to the highly-competitive world of designer jewellery, Hong Kong-based Sarah Zhuang established her namesake’s brand in November 2016 in town with a clear vision − to design delicate, multifunctional and comfortable-to-wear diamond jewellery for all types of women for different occasions, moods and outfits.

Since young Sarah Zhuang has been under great influence of the family-owned Takfook Jewellery where she was heavily-inspired by magnificent jewellery and scintillating diamonds. But it is not until four years ago when she started designing for the company that her instinctive design capacity was unveiled.

Still in its infant stage, Sarah Zhuang has already enthralled a number of fashion-forward women, local celebrities as well as enthusiastic media by her phenomenal designs.

Zhuang shared with Hong Kong Jewellery her miraculous encounter with local actress Cecilia Cheung. “We seem to share a similar taste in jewellery. When my award-winning brooch-rings Long Distance Love was exhibiting at a local jewellery fair in 2015, Cheung was in search of something similar. She went to the show and looked at the piece. They clicked right away and she acquired it tout de suite. Later on she checked out some jewellery at the showroom my brand shares with Takfook. And eventually everything she chose was from my brand.”

Zhuang keeps her competitive edges sharp by constantly equipping herself with related knowledge. Apart from receiving a design certificate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and a professional diploma from the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI), she spent three months in Italy to hone her drawing skills in March 2017. “The time in Italy has enlightened me about the essence of drawing. The Italian history and art have engendered fresh design inspirations,” she said.

Five collections, each represents a type of female customers, mark her brand’s debut launch: Spread Your Wings for ambitious and independent women, Lady Rose for elegant and sophisticated ladies, Mix & Match for those who are cool and confident, Enchanted Pearl for genuine and trustworthy ladies, and Dancing Butterfly for cheerful and fun women.

The Butterfly Rose tourbillon wristwatch bespeaks the quintessence of Sarah Zhuang’s signature multifunctional approach. In collaboration with Memorigin, the tourbillon watch sets in 18-karat gold with diamonds, allowing seven different ways to wear. For instance, the diamond bezel can be detached and worn as a pendant, while the two diamond flowers garnering the bezel can be transformed into two rings and a pendant.

For retail, the posh salon in Tsim Sha Tsui is currently the prime location for Sarah Zhuang to meet her customers. The air of exclusivity is well-received by celebrities and those who require shopping privacy. She also communicates her brand value with customers via social media. She owes much of the brand’s early success to strong word of mouth.

As for wholesale, participating in jewellery fairs is the way to go for the brand. After making her maiden presence at the March show in Hong Kong in Takfook’s booth this year, she has decided to stand on her own feet at the upcoming September and November shows in the city.

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