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  • Sinny Lam, founder of Sinnis design
  • The Dancing Wood ring made of African blackwood with synthetic zircons.
  • Red sandalwood rings with 14-karat gold plated brass and synthetic zircons
  • Red sandalwood necklace with 18-karat gold plated brass
  • The Dancing Wood ring made of Mexican Rosewood
  • The Colors of Nature ring suggests that “we are what we are”.
  • The Dancing Wood ring made of African blackwood and Mexican rosewood.
  • The Dancing Wood ring made of Brazilian kingwood in brass plated with 14-karat gold. “I am gentle, rhythmic and vigorous,” the wood says.
  • The Dancing Wood ring in plywood made of red sandalwood, African blackwood and purple heart wood
  • The Dancing Wood collection rings

Wood says


Loupe designers-in-residence series

Inspiring designs empower people to contemplate and reflect on just how precious and beautiful life is. Sinny Lam seeks to engage customers with her handcrafted wooden jewellery featuring sleek and wavy lines with a graceful modern touch.


The Hong Kong-based designer launched her own jewellery brand Sinnis design in 2018, in a hope to bring positive energy to the audience. “I have a vision for living a more meaningful life that brings hope and energy to people, reminding them of the substance of self-respect and self-confidence,” Lam said when sharing her brand vision with Hong Kong Jewellery.


To offer customers an alternative to lavish jewellery set in precious metals with fine gemstones, Sinny Lam chooses to boost the intrinsic beauty of precious woods by rediscovering the aesthetic and conceptual possibilities of the organic material. “The value of something does not rely upon its physical property. I try to put a new angle on the way we appreciate jewellery and ourselves,” she said. “Only when we respect and love ourselves and give play to our talent can we open the door to happiness,” she added.


The Dancing Wood collection rings, for instance, unleash the boundless creativity of the designer and the versatile quality of Brazilian kingwood, African blackwood and Mexican rosewood resulting in a fascinating series of sculptural jewellery in organic forms with a fine finish. “Wood is no longer a dull material when you bring its bright side to light. Likewise, when we realise our potential and appreciate ourselves, we would gain respect from others,” Lam said.


Drawing design inspiration from nature, Sinny Lam holds that nature is the real luxury. “Luxury is something rare and precious. A breath of fresh air has become luxury amidst industrialisation when the natural environment is deteriorating and on the verge of vanishing.”


To nurture the infant brand well, Lam takes an active approach in expanding her client base by getting a presence at various sales and marketing occasions including local and overseas bazaars, creative markets and exhibitions.


Since inception, Lam has established partnership with several online lifestyle and accessory shops such as Pinkoi, Idus from Korea and Esty where her jewellery is available. Her designs also gain a physical presence at Loupe, PMQ in Hong Kong. According to her, the HKTDC Design Gallery will be the second point of sales.   


She was approached by Loupe at a creative and cultural market in early 2019. And then she has become a selected designer under the Design Residency Programme.


“Over the last few months, I have learnt new goldsmithing techniques from master craftsmen from Chow Tai Fook. The programme also allows me to mingle with designers from around the globe. Such an experience has broadened my horizon and enriched my design capacity,” she said.


Besides jewellery-making techniques, the programme has also sharpened her entrepreneurial skills. “Dedication to creation is vital to a sustainable brand; market senses and sales techniques are equally important for a brand that lasts. Now I have more confidence in exploring further the magnificent jewellery world thanks to Loupe’s programme,” she said.


Looking ahead, Sinny Lam aspires to see Sinnis design at more overseas exhibitions and markets in five years. “I would explore more consignment points in different countries and regions to let more people see my works and share my brand vision. I hope my jewellery will win their nods and smiles,” she says.


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