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  • Joys Man
  • Gold-plated silver ring from Roller Coaster collection featuring a cubic zirconia centre stone
  • ‘Full Marquise’ gold-plated silver ring from Roller Coaster collection
  • Roller Coaster diamond ring in 18-karat white gold
  • 18-karat yellow gold popsicle earrings with diamonds
  • 18-karat rose gold Ice-cream necklace with ruby
  • ‘Blueberry’ ring from Fruity collection set in 18-karat gold with sapphires
  • ‘Mango’ ring from Fruity collection set in 18-karat gold with diamonds
  • 18-karat yellow gold kaleidoscope ring

A joy to behold

October 2021


Loupe designers-in-residence series


Joys Man’s determination to bring joy to people is apparent in the name of her own jewellery brand Joies 26 established in March 2021. “Joies” means “joys” in English; and the number tells her age.

The Hong Kong designer has undergone formal training in jewellery design and metalsmithing at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco during 2015-19. When back, she signed up for Loupe’s design residency programme in August 2019 and launched her jewellery DIY workshops in December 2020. The solid knowledge in jewellery making together with genuine experiences in customer relationship have shaped her as an up-and-comer in the jewellery industry in the city.

An ardent lover of three-dimensional structures, Joys Man has wowed contemporary jewellery fans with her ultra-modern Roller Coaster rings. The shank of the ring features an openwork 3D loop of a roller coaster track with an architectural flair. The delicate layout of the track gives an illusion of an eternal ring fully set with precious stones. The “faceted centre stone” of the ring is also a casted part utilising 3D-printing. The Roller Coaster rings come in several variations in terms of the centre stone, the shape of the shank and metal colour.

A bestseller thanks to its avant-garde design and affordability, the Roller Coaster collection also serves as a socio-cultural record of Hong Kong. “The collection pays tribute to the retired roller coaster from the Ocean Park which is a collective memory of Hong Kong people. It is a very meaningful design,” said the designer.

For a start, Joys Man has chosen silver as the primary metal for her jewellery in order to make it more approachable. The Roller Coaster pieces in silver, for instance, are mostly below HK$1,000 retail. As her young brand evolves, she aims at something more upscale. “In future, I aspire to put more colours in my design by using coloured gemstones and diamonds, and set them in karat gold. Glistering jewellery always has a special place in ladies’ hearts,” she told Hong Kong Jewellery. The Roller Coaster rings now also come with gold-plated and diamond-set solid gold versions.

The six-month design residency programme at Loupe, an initiative launched by Chow Tai Fook to nurture young design talents and preserve craftsmanship heritage, has sharpened Joys Man’s business mind as much as technical skills. “Through the programme I have met a lot of people who are strong in business which is exactly what I am lacking. They have enlightened me about business operations and marketing; in return, I share with them my knowledge and experiences in jewellery making and craftsmanship. It is such a wonderful place for exchange,” she said.

Echoed with most of her designer friends at Loupe, Man considered the factory visit a highlight of the programme. “It is very much an honour to visit Chow Tai Fook’s state-of-the-art factory in Shunde. Everything I encountered was new and mind-blowing. It would only fortify my believe in upholding craftsmanship excellence and delivering jewellery that inspires joy,” she said.

Quite a recent popular encounter in town, making jewellery from scratch is exceptionally satisfying. Joys Man has held jewellery workshops in small groups since last December. It comes as a major income to sustain the growth of her jewellery business, as well as a perfect occasion to tell her brand story.

She said: “Currently, I hold seven to eight workshops a month with some eight participants each. During the class I share with them my brand, my vision, design philosophy, and the craftsmanship. Those who find my story intriguing may come back again for another jewellery-making experience. Some may try out my branded pieces, while some others may go for my made-to-order services.” Custom-made jewellery, with the charges at HK$5,000 below for silver pieces and over HK$10,000 for fine jewellery, now accounts for one-fifth of her current business.

Digital platforms are a powerful tool to keep followers in the loop about everything new. The launch of Joies26.com in mid-September has enhanced the brand’s engagement with the audience.

Considering the unique nature of fine jewellery as a personal luxury item, it has to be seen, felt and tried on before buying. As a designer under the Loupe project, Joys Man shares a physical display corner with other designers at Loupe’s venue at PMQ in Central, as well as at a Chow Tai Fook store in Tsim Sha Tsui. What’s more, she has recently secured a space at J-Hub to showcase her new design for six months. J-Hub is operated by the Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers' Association (HKJMA) to nurture new talents for the jewellery industry in Hong Kong. (Photo courtesy: Joies 26)



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