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  • 'Floating Islands' opal pendant
  • 'Wave' ring featuring a 46.99-carat Paraiba tourmaline and diamonds
  • Opal ring with diamonds
  • Paraiba tourmaline and diamond 'Cobweb' ring
  • Paraiba 'Mahjong' ring (middle) and Paraiba 'Cobweb' rings
  • Paraiba tourmaline, blue tourmaline and rubellite and diamond rings
  • Tayma Page Allies, owner and creative director of Tayma Fine Jewellery

Leading a colourful life for 30 years

February 2021

The year of 2021 marked the 30th anniversary of Tayma Fine Jewellery, a Hong Kong-based fine jewellery brand established by Tayma Page Allies in Lan Kwai Fong in 1991. After four relocations over the past three decades, the British gemstone connoisseur and jewellery designer returns to where she started, and talks with Hong Kong Jewellery about her infinite passion for rare gems, perseverance with bespoke fine jewellery, her devotion to enlightening people on the beauty of exquisite gemstones, and a fresh restart.

Coloured gemstones are always the star in Tayma Page Allies’ design. “The beauty is in the gemstones. The mounting and the design have to bring out the beauty of the stones. Diamonds are always the support group,” she said. The Floating Islands opal ring, Infinity Ice rock crystal ring, and Dim Sum Mexican fire opal ring are some of the perfect examples of her acclaimed signature style.

A well-known gemstone collector, Page Allies has been lesser known for having a Midas touch by turning unfamiliar gemstones into coveted collectables. Paraiba tourmaline, for instance, has been sought-after in the international market over the last two or three decades. But it was not until Page Allies introduced the neon turquoise-blue gemstone to Hong Kong in 2005 did it start to gain momentum in the region. She also introduced bi-colour tourmaline and Mandarin garnet to the city in 1995 and 2007 respectively. As expected, they took the gemstone market by storm thereafter.

These magnificent gemstones together with other rare species including rubellite tourmaline are the major constituents of her celebrated collection ‘Gemalista’. Comprising over 80 types of exotic gemstones collected from around the globe over the last 30 years, ‘Gemalista’ comes as the wonderland for the designer to select the best stones that communicate the personality of her customers.

Her successful bespoke jewellery undertaking has built on the unrivalled gem collection, while capitalising on consumers’ craving for individuality. “In the old days, there were either very big brands or copies in the market. You go to a shop and choose your piece. You don’t necessarily sit there with a stone, thinking how to make it. Started 10 years ago, Hong Kong has opened up a lot more for individuality. People are hungry for new brands and ideas. They are wanting something individual just for them. There will be more demands for bespoke jewellery,” she explained.

The east-west combination of Tayma Page Allies has appealed to her brand followers very much, and soon set her aside from others. In 2008 amidst the financial crisis, she moved to the Prince's Building from Lan Kwai Fong sharing the prominent space with international big brands. “I think I was invited to go there because I offered something a bit different. I’m an English designer in Hong Kong with a local brand. That appeals to people at the time because my eyes and design concepts were European-based. People like the gemstones never seen before.”

In the upscale building, she moved to other locations twice in accordance with the leasing strategies of the property management. In 2019, she moved back to the decades-old venue in Lan Kwai Fong.

According to Page Allies, the move was a natural progression with the time. “Now we have an atelier. People quite like the adventure of going into a funny building and finally arrive in the treasure trove with goodies. I think people understand why I moved. Everybody’s business is changing. For me, I’m not spending on expenses. I spend more time and effort on developing digital marketing, photography, and communication,” she said.

Last year, a revamped website with online transaction capacity was launched. A big step towards the omnichannel business strategy.

Started off as a teacher in England, Tayma Page Allies is always keen on sharing her knowledge with others. She has done a couple of lectures in Hong Kong with Loupe, the design incubation space for jewellery talents established by Chow Tai Fook Jewellery. In February 2020, she gave lectures at the Royal Institution in London on the tantalising story of Paraiba tourmaline. Organised by The Jewellery Cut, the weekend event was a great success.

She aspires to do more entertaining lectures on gemmology, history and culture of gemstone and jewellery in future. “Once we are at a certain age, we shall help others, tell them what we have learnt,” she says.

Ready for the restart, Tayma Page Allies says she would grow step by step as always. “It is a highly competitive industry. There are a lot of hard work. When you are a small designer brand, you have to use your own intelligence. True to your customers. Jewellery and gems are about trust and reputation. Good reputation is key. We started out slow; and we will keep going step by step,” she said. (Photo courtesy: Tayma Fine Jewellery)



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