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  • Butterfly Lovers ring, Stenzhorn
  • The Traditional Princess watch, Alain Phlippe
  • 999.9 pure-gold pendant, King Fook
  • Mademoiselle B ring, Stenzhorn
  • Rugiada ring, Mattia Cielo
  • Sultana ring, Annamaria Cammilli
  • 999.9 pure-gold necklace, King Fook
  • Bliss 999.9 pure-gold necklaces, King Fook
  • Embracing Flowers ring, Palmiero

King Fook Jewellery-Masterpiece by king fook

One of the longest-standing jewellery retailers of Hong Kong origin, King Fook Jewellery celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2019. Over the years, the jeweller has evolved from a reputable pure gold ornament store to a contemporary luxury jewellery chain representing some of the world’s finest jewellery and watch brands. Thanks to the streamlined operation, strategic locations and clear vision, the jeweller is still moving steadily on a smooth and gradual growing trend despite adverse market conditions.

King Fook Jewellery was established by Chi-wan Young in 1949 in Hong Kong offering 24-karat gold ornaments with the fineness of 999.9, dubbed the purest gold in Hong Kong. According to Davie Mok, director of business development and marketing of King Fook, they sold over 15,000 taels of gold everyday at its peak. 

Positioned as a lifestyle jewellery store since the 1970s, King Fook sells upscale timepieces, pens and lighters besides jewellery. “We can’t compare with other jewellery chains in town in terms of scale. Instead of serving mass market customers, we cater to a high-end and sophisticated clientele with a carefully selected product mix,” he said. 

King Fook Jewellery once saw a rapid expansion with over 20 outlets across Hong Kong and the Mainland which was followed by a painstaking consolidation and repositioning. In late 1990s, Chi-wan Young realised that there was a need to rejuvenate the brand. Instead of doing it with King Fook Jewellery, he created another brand. 

“It was difficult to contemporise the existing brand which had already established a firm foothold in the market with a deep-rooted loyal customer base. In 1999, our group chairman Howard Yeung brought the trailblazing concept of a maison of international luxury jewellery brands to his jewellery kingdom, and launched Masterpiece by King Fook in the year,”” explained Davie Mok. 

Targeted fashion-forwarded younger customers with flair, Masterpiece by King Fook houses a number of legendary international fine jewellery brands renowned for unparallel craftsmanship, exquisite design and proud heritage. Among them areAnnamaria Cammilli,Mattia Cielo,Palmiero,Stenzhorn, etc. Besides high jewellery, upscale Swiss wristwatches fromCyrusandAlain Philippeare also available for watch afficionados.

The European jewellery brands they represent, according to Mok, epitomise the ultimate beauty and quality of jewellery in modern times, and are unique in their own ways. “What particularly impressed us is that we share something in common – family heritage. As a family-owned brand, we understand and treasure each other’s perseverance and commitment to striving for the best while preserving our brand value,” he explained.

 To keep pace with the times, King Fook Jewellery has never ceased to modernise its 999.9 gold offerings for a younger and broader audience. The Bliss Collection, for instance, brings a breath of fresh air to traditional pure gold jewellery market. Its simple and elegant design allows effortless layering, mix-and-matching.

“Traditional pure gold jewellery holds a special position in Chinese society in terms of emotional significance and authentic value. We will keep launching our renowned 999.9 gold jewellery for special occasions like wedding,” Mok said.

King Fook Jewellery now operates six boutiques in Hong Kong, including the newest Masterpiece by King Fook boutique at Harbour City of Tsimsshatsui launched in celebration of the group’s 70th anniversary.

Davie Mok attributes the group’s steady growth amidst acute challenges to its well-planned distribution network. “Unlike other big chains who cater to the mass market and tourists, King Fook keeps most of our shops in Central district on Hong Kong island, allowing us to serve our local elite customers to the best. While the recent drop in tourist arrivals has substantially impacted on others, we manage to achieve some mild growth,” he said. 



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