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New cuts for new Gen

Millennials and Gen Z are accounting for two-thirds of diamond jewellery demand in the world. This largest group of luxury consumers craves something unique and authentic that reflects their values and beliefs. Indian diamond manufacturer Hini Star launched The Optica Series diamonds in September 2019 in Hong Kong, providing highly-individual younger generations with an experience that resonates with their personality, passion and philosophy.


The first release of The Optica Series comprises three innovative patented cuts namely ‘The Stelo’, ‘The Rozo’ and ‘The Floro’, each representing a symbol of nature, according to Smit Virani, chief operating officer of Hini Star.


“The Stelo is designed to draw attention from a distance,” Virani told Hong Kong Jewellery. “Its star-shaped pattern celebrates the constellations with 91 facets in an eye-catching performance of brilliance, luminosity and radiance.”


Designed for a new generation of lovers, The Rozo brings together the diamond and the rose as the ultimate symbol of eternal love and affection, Virani said. “This is a new interpretation of romance, with its 56 facets reflecting fire, passion and our eternal love affair with roses and diamonds.”


“We call The Floro the delicate rule breaker,” he said. “Its 77 facts evoke nature in three-dimensional motion with an intricate symmetry that is distinctly modern to reflect then individuality of its owner.”


The extraordinary brilliance of the new cuts is the result of the carefully calculated symmetrical alignment of facets. “Keeping the visual appeal in mind we leaned towards symmetry. Symmetry is a recurring feature in art, architecture and nature. It brings a sense of harmony, proportion and balance that implies beauty,” said Virani.


The power of storytelling determines the success of a luxury brand targeting younger generations. “Through our research, we have learnt that younger consumers need and want a sense of feel and a story that relates to their individual personalities,” Virani explained. “A narrative is a powerful sales tool. Stories are humanistic, appealing to our emotional brains and adding life to facts, figures, and data. By embracing storytelling, retailers can tap into a unique narrative that has the inherent power to motivate, persuade, unify, and move both their staff and customers.”


The launch of The Optica Series comes as fresh dynamics that fuel growth and the evolution of an innovative business ecosystem despite slow economic growth and challenges specific to the diamond industry, Virani says.


“The development of The Optica Series is an example of this collaboration ecosystem since it aligns product and design innovation with consumer demands. It also provides retailers with marketing tools to enhance customer engagement and buying experience. Ultimately, this unlocks new value to lift revenues and sales across the ecosystem,” he added. (Photo courtesy: Hini Star)

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