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The source fine jewellery in geometric shapes striking the ultimate balance of the square, the triangle and the circle can’t be mistaken as anything else but Tournaire from France. The architecture ring collection featuring the most intriguing wonders in the world has been another distinguished design from the Paris-based brand.


Tournaire, the namesake brand established by its creative genius Philippe Tournaire in 1973 in Saint-Germain-Laval of central France, has evolved to be a world’s leading innovative jewellery creator. Fuelled by the initial success of the fast-growing brand, the first shop was launched in 1984 in Montbrison which was followed by the second boutique opened in 1999 in Lyon.


The brand began to earn international acclaim since the opening of the boutique in the prestigious Place Vendôme in Paris in 2004. Four years later, Mathieu Tournaire, the son, joined his father in the family business as a new creative talent who aspires to bring about “the different continuity” of his father’s work.


As its creators, Tournaire jewellery is always looking for innovation and creativity, for things never been done before. “Tournaire brand get a strong style, subtly using the art of ‘organised disorder’. This unique style is characterised by a great freedom of creation, to design a jewellery with a perfect balance,” said the brand.


Geometric shapes come as the principal elements for some of Tournaire’s signature collections such as Alchimie, Gourmandise and Marélie. The harmonious arrangement of the shapes with different heights and sizes is the epitome of “organised disorder”.


Besides innovative abstract creations, Tournaire is famed for its substantial architecture rings which bring three-dimensional Saint Basil's Cathedral of Russia, Tower of Pisa of Italy, London Bridge of England, Taj Mahal of India and Notre Dame of France on the fingers.


“Innovation is essential for our brand. We are recognised for our unique know-how, that is to combine the best of ancestral techniques such as lost wax casting and the best of the most modern technologies such as 3D designs. For more than 20 years, we have been a pioneer in the use of 3D, which is today essential for all major jewellery houses,” the brand said. 


Besides the three boutiques in France, Tournaire’s jewellery is being sold via the official website and selected retail partners all over the world, including I Do of Hiersun in China. “We had a great success in China with the French Kiss ring featuring an upside-down Eiffel Tower being among the bestsellers,” said the brand.


Tournaire owes its tremendous success over the last 46 years to quality, innovation and responsibility. “Our jewellery is exclusively designed and made in our workshop in France assuring consistently high quality.  Our creations are built by mixing innovation and creativity, traditional know-how and avant-garde technology. We are committed to responsible business practice. The while diamonds we used are natural, they all follow the Kimberly Process which guarantees that diamonds are not involved in the financing of armed conflicts,” said Tournaire.


Looking ahead to 2020, Tournaire tells Hong Kong Jewellery that they will diversify their products to home decorative items such as tableware and art furniture. “But we will never abandon our first passion: creation of amazing jewels,” it says. (Photo courtesy: Tournaire)

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