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Christie’s 50-year auctions in Switzerland

This year Christie’s celebrates the half-century auction business in Switzerland since the London-based company established its Geneva office in 1968. To mark the anniversary, the auction house has published a list of 50 most exciting lots that have been consigned by or offered in its Swiss offices, with 13 pieces of magnificent jewellery, from Nina Dyer’s black pearl necklace sold in 1969 for CHF580,000 to the diamond and emerald necklace by de Grisogono sold for CHF 33.5 million last year.

The auction house also looks back at the top five jewels from 12 categories sold at the Geneva office over the last 50 years. In this page we highlight the top of the tops of each category with the auction period and price.

Colourless diamondsThe Art of de Grisogono necklace, Creation 1 by de Grisogono, November 2017, US$33,701,000 (Photo 1)

Coloured diamondsThe Oppenheimer Blue diamond, May 2016, US$57,541,779 (Photo 2)

Natural pearls − A seven-strand natural pearl and diamond necklace, November 2013, US$9,080,847

SapphiresThe Blue Belle of Asia necklace, November 2014, US$17,305,997 (Photo 3)

Rubies − An oval ruby and diamond ring, May 2017, US$12,942,773 (Photo 4)

EmeraldsThe Patino Necklace, November 2013, US$9,934,388

Art deco jewels − A natural pearl and diamond necklace by Cartier, November 2014, US$5,195,369 (Photo 5)

Belle-époque jewels A diamond brooch by Cartier, May 2014, US$17,581,612

Art nouveau jewels − An enamel, glass and baroque pearl pendant necklace, November 2017, US$978,335 (Photo 6)

Historic jewelsThe Archduke Joseph diamond, November 2012, US$21,474,525

Jewels from private collectionThe Patino Necklace, November 2013, US$9,934,388

Contemporary jewelsThe Cote D’Azur brooch by Anna Hu, November 2013, US$4,569,274 (Photo 7)


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